Site B Radio Network (C/N)

While InGen was managing its facilities on Isla Sorna, it installed a radio network for monitoring purposes of its assets that they had released into the wild. There were four zones in the network, each corresponding to Nodal Points. Arby Benton originally recovered the records for the Network off of Richard Levine‘s InGen Computer. Later after stowing away in the trailer, Arby logged onto the radio network using the trailer’s computer systems. Arby used the video network aspect of the system to warn Ian Malcolm, Eddie Carr and Doc Thorne of an approaching Tyrannosaur after they had exited the Laboratory Complex, thus alerting the group to his stowing away. Richard Levine would later haul five video cameras on top of a tripod in the High Hide, supplying their power by solar panels. His intention was to multiplex the data and uplink it back to California by satellite. He also planned to hook the feed up the the security network.

It was through continued use of the Video Network that the group was able to monitor the animals from the relative safety of the trailer during most of the expedition. One of the Network points was situated above the Tyrannosaur Nest, and the video cameras for the network were shown at this point to be situated in trees. Later, Malcolm would use the video network to try and find out Dodgeson‘s groups location on the island, and what their intended purpose might be. It was through the Video Network that Malcolm’s group witness George Baselton‘s demise at the jaws of the Tyrannosaur, although Arby switched it off. As Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding treated the infant rex for a broken leg, Malcolm consulted the network to determine what the cause of the mysterious Dx might be. Finding a list of the diet fed to the animals in the research files, he was able to conclude that the cause of the Dx was Sheep extract.

While the expedition was trapped inside the Convenience Store, in the Worker Village, Kelly Curtis used Arby’s password to access the Network at the InGen terminal in the store. This allowed her access to the laboratory system of the network, mainly because the terminal was hardwired. It led her to a 3 by 4 cubic interface, which had no textual information, only icons. The workers would’ve been trained to know what the images meant for convenience. As she panicked due to the Velociraptors breaking in, Kelly clicked an icon on the screen resembling a circle with a square in the middle. This caused an additional 3 by four cubic interface to appear next to the one she originally had. As she tried to fix it, the image on screen twisted and distorted, eventually becoming a cube floating on the monitor.

The Network contained at least three different services, ‘Current Workfiles’, ‘Stored Datafiles’,  and a Video Network. The last date modified on any of these was 11/09/89. In addition to monitoring the animals visually, the network could also be used in conjunction with the radio tags that InGen had implanted in all of their animals for recovery. As Ian Malcolm, Eddie Carr, and Doc Thorne explored the laboratory complex, they encountered a map on a wall of a conference room. The map outlined twenty pushpins of four different colors, arranged in a pentagon overlaid over a map of the Island.  Each pushpin represented a Network connection point. After the group escaped from Isla Sorna, Richard Levine stated that he could use the data from the satellite uplinks and the cameras to view the dinosaurs from the safety of the mainland.

(The Screen Arby was redirected to after logging into the network)

International Genetics Technologies

Site B

Local Node Network Services

(The Network appears in Ingen’s records as shown below)

SITE B Island Network                      Nodal Points

Zone 1 (River)                                                (1-8)

Zone 2 (Coast)                                              (9-16)

Zone 3 (Ridge)                                             (17-24)

Zone 4 (Valley)                                              (25-32)

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