Self Restraint (C/N)

As Ian Malcolm lay dying and delirious from the morphine, he took the opportunity to admonish John Hammond for his failures. He accused Hammond of taking from others work to accomplish his objective faster. But since he didn’t know what exactly he was doing, Malcolm said that hammond had gone ahead and rushed the product to development without adequately attempting to research or understand it. He then implied that anyone else who followed in Hammond’s footsteps would have less restraint then he did,because the power would just be purchased without any work put into it.

Finally, Malcolm admonished him by using the analogy of a Karate master to highlight Hammond’s lack of self restraint in creating the park.He claimed that someone like a Karate master who had honed his power for his whole life would not do something brash like killing a person or losing their temper.Malcolm stated that the only one who would kill had no self restraint or discipline because they had merely purchased the power. He finished by saying Jurassic Park permits this lack of self-restraint, due to it allowing anyone to purchase the power.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton page 306-307 (First Edition, Thirty Fourth printing)