Sauropod Maintenance Building 04 – Isla Nublar (C/N)

Following a brief Tyrannosaurus rex attack during a tour of Jurassic Park 1989, Dr. Alan Grant along with children Lex and Tim Murphy found themselves in the Sauropod Paddock on Isla Nublar. Exhausted, the trio took shelter in the first building they could find, the Sauropod Maintenance Building.

The structure is one of at least 4 of such structures that were constructed around the Sauropod Paddock, and was constructed like a concrete bunker. The entrance was large enough to fit a truck through and was guarded by a padlocked gate constructed of  thick, vertical, metal bars spaced wide enough apart as to allow a fully grown man to be able to squeeze through them. The interior held piles of grass and stack of hay bales that were timed to automatically be dispensed for feeding times, the morning feeding beginning at 5:00am. It was at the 5:00am feeding time that Dr. Grant awoke to find Lex playing with an infant Triceratops she had dubbed “Ralph“. After Ralph’s frill briefly jammed between the bars of the gate while Lex was feeding her, Ralph’s “mother”, a larger adult Triceratops, came by and collected the infant.

There were also some supplies including Jeep tires, tree pruning equipment, herbicide, coils of cyclone fencing, 100lbs bags of fertilizer, a pair of raft oars, a small, mold-encrusted wall-mounted box that held detailed topographical plans to the island, and a telephone that was held in a small steel box mounted on the wall. There were windows on the sides of the building and on the back wall, buried behind the piles of supplies, was a door large enough to fit a car through. The door opened to a paved road that led down to the lagoon dock and raft storage shed.