Sarah Harding’s Lucky Pack (S/F)

12540914_430333613842806_7174243301912805521_nBehavioral paleontologist Dr. Sarah Harding owned a sand beige Willis & Geiger rucksack, which she affectionately called her “lucky pack”. Well worn with many holes in its pockets and frayed around the edges, the rucksack was so worn that Chaotician, and Harding’s boyfriend, Dr. Ian Malcolm had believed that his girlfriend had been attacked due to the shape the pack was in. The pack had three exterior pockets with another, “security pocket” sewn inside, plus a pocket in the sack’s top, which latched down with plastic buckles. The pack itself is made from 100 percent tightly woven 4-ply cotton bush poplin.

The pack went with Dr. Harding during her trip to Isla Sorna, and stayed with her the entire time. She kept her water bottle, satellite phone, and other supplies in the rucksack. When the Tyrannosaurus male and female attacked the trailers looking for their baby, and Harding landed on the open faced glass 12573124_430333633842804_2491259957831551221_nat the back of the trailer. She and Malcolm immediately grabbed for the pack when Nick Van Owen failed to catch the trailer’s phone in time. The pack ripped slightly as Harding hung on to it for dear life. Malcolm pulled Harding up by the pack, and the two climbed up the rope that Eddie Carr provided them. Later, when the survivors made a temporary base camp, the male T. rex showed up while everyone was asleep, attracted to the scent of his infant’s blood on Harding’s shirt and jacket. Hearing the large male approach, Harding quickly stuffed several Crackle candy bars into her pack before turning off the lamp. In the resulting ambush, Sarah’s “Lucky Pack” was left behind, perhaps it wasn’t so lucky.