Sammy Gutierrez (S/F)

Sammy with the other Campers on her way to Camp Cretaceous

Sammy Gutierrez is described as having a loud and gregarious personality type. Her friendly demeanor causes her to attempt to befriend her co-campers during their stay on the Island. Sammy was chosen as one of the six one of the six campers attending the inaugural week of Camp Cretaceous at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar.


Sammy’s family owns a ranch that supplies the meat for the carnivores of Jurassic World. At an undisclosed time in the past , Sammy’s family’s ranch borrowed money from fronts for Mantah Corp. Afraid that her family would lose the ranch, she offered to act as a spy for the company after being accepted into Camp Cretaceous, and sneaking genetic samples from the dinosaurs for the company’s illicit use. Sammy was fourteen years old at the time that she was enrolled in Camp Cretaceous.

Sammy meets the other campers

Sammy would arrive on Isla Nublar via the Ferry Landing along with the other campers, and be greeted by Dave and Roxie. After initial introductions, the campers are driven to Camp Cretaceous by their co-counselors, only stopping briefly as the counselors attempt to recapture an escaped Compsognathus. Reaching the camp, they are given a brief overview of the camp rules, before they get a chance to unpack. That night, all of the campers, Sammy included, get a chance to ride a zipline over the dinosaur herd in Gyrosphere Valley.


The next day, the campers visit the Field Genetics Lab, where they are given a tour of the facilities, including a dinosaur nursery. Sammy uses this time to sneak into the office of Dr. Henry Wu, and save important information from his computer and files onto a flash drive. Attempting to sneak out, she runs into Brooklynn, and rejoins the group just before Bumpy‘s birth. However, they are shortly after evicted by Dr. Wu, as he is furious over Brooklynn’s breaking into the lab.

The group return back to the camp for the night, after picking up Darius and Kenji. That night, she is among the group listening to campfire stories, before rain forces them inside. Sammy attempts to connect with Yasmina, but Yaz chooses to walk away rather then interact with her. Later that night, a drone lands in a forest clearing, where it is greeted by Sammy who deposits the USB drive in it before it takes off again.

The next morning, the Campers are taken to Gyrosphere Valley, to help the park personnel lead the herd to their grazing pens. Yasmina is paired up with Sammy in her Gyrosphere, much to her consternation. Yaz initially continues to be resistant to Sammy’s attempts at reaching out, even as they ride together. Meanwhile, the counselors cut the activity short due to an approaching storm, and ride out to warn the other employees.  Initially planning to stay put, Yasmina and Sammy end up attempting to assist the others in herding a lone Sinoceratops back to it’s enclosure.

Sammy stealing a sample from the Sinoceratops

However, the group accidentally causes the herd to stampede, and Yasmina and Sammy are separated from the others after accidentally trapping their sphere. Thinking quickly, the girls manage to create a ramp by which they are able to speed out of the enclosed area, quickly reuniting with Ben and Kenji soon after. Finding that Brooklynn and Darius are trapped in a sinkhole, the group tries to pull them out, but only succeed with the aid of the Sinoceratops. At some point before they are rescued by the counselors, Sammy takes the opportunity to steal some genetic material from the Sinoceratops.

Later that night as the group prepares to go to bed, Yasmina apologies to Sammy for her earlier behavior, and reveals her secret hobby of drawing sketches of dinosaurs in a notebook. That night, Sammy realizes that Brooklynn has captured footage of her taking a genetic sample from the Sinoceratops, and steals her phone in an attempt to hide the evidence.

Jurassic World Incident:

The next morning, the counselors leave the children alone, as they attempt to contact Claire Dearing. As the campers settle into waiting, Brooklynn confronts the group and accuses Sammy of stealing her phone, but Yasmina steps in to defend her. The group is distracted by the sound of an approaching dinosaur, and they decide to head to the observation tower to try to determine where the roar is coming from. The campers successfully break into the tower, seemingly relieved to see the noise is only a Brachiosaurus feeding.

Sammy on the zipline

Just then, two employees emerge from the jungle and alert the children to come down. Initially refusing, the kids watch horrified as the Indominus Rex ambushes and kills the two men. As the hybrid attacks the tower, the group attempts to use the zip line to escape, although the emergency brake trips, leaving some of the group stranded in the center. The tower begins to rock, and Sammy nearly falls, only to be saved by Yasmina, and then pulled up by the combined efforts of Darius and Kenji as well. The Indominus succeeds in knocking down the first tower, along with the line, sending the campers, Brooklynn included, falling down to earth.

The campers awaken after being briefly disoriented, and make a run for the camp, only to find that it has been destroyed. Sammy attempts to give the phone back to Brooklynn, but hides it again, after realizing it was broken in the fall. The campers flee back to camp only to find that the camp has been destroyed in their absence by the Indominus. As Sammy tries to reassure them that the other workers got away, Sammy finds an overturned staff vehicle, and realizes not all of them survived.  Brooklynn publicly confronts and accuses Sammy again in front of the group, demanding her phone back, and revealing her earlier incursions into the park security. Sammy denies it, gaining some of the other camper’s support, as the group descends into arguing among themselves, before eventually deciding to journey to the main park for help.

As the group continues onward, they become argumentative, particularly Brooklynn, who continues to accuse Sammy of stealing her phone, and Yasmina continues to defend her. They pass by the Carnotaurus Paddock, and try to reach the Visitor’s Center. As the group continues onward, Sammy wrestles with guilt over whether to tell the group about her theft of the phone. However, before she can make up her mind, the group encounters the corpse of the Ankylosaurus and the smashed Gyrosphere from when the Indominus Rex attacked Zach and Gray Mitchell. As the group hears a rustle in the jungle, they initially seek shelter, before it is revealed to be Bumpy.

The group continue walking, with the new objective to go to the Field Genetics Lab to seek shelter. The group would then find a van and decide to use it to reach the lab, but are attacked by the Indominus soon afterward. They manage to evade it using the van, eventually finding, and seeking shelter in the Field Genetics Lab. They encounter Eddie, a scientist who was left behind, but he very shortly attempts to steal their van to escape. The van is quickly totaled by the Indominus Rex, and the group is forced to hide briefly among shipping containers as they are stalked by the creature. After a tense few moments of evading the creature, the group makes it back to the van where they escape.

The group reacts to Sammy’s betrayal

Yasmina stumbles while attempting to make it to the van, but is saved by Sammy, as they climb into the van. As they drive away, they begin celebrating in relief, as the van stumbles over bumpy ground, and in the commotion, the phone falls out of Sammy’s pocket in full view of the group. Everyone in the group is so stunned by this revelation, it even distracts Yasmina, to the point she crashes the car.

The group climbs out of the crashed ACU van, as the campers are recovering from their injuries. Yasmina storms off, as Sammy runs after her, pleading with her to wait. However, the group turns on Sammy for her lies. Feeling the pressure, Sammy admits that she is a spy for Mantah Corp, and relates to them the background reasons for her theft.

Sammy attempts to apologize, but the group, particularly Yas, refuses to accept her apology. Sammy runs off, while the campers regroup and attempt to determine a new course of action. They are interrupted by the Indominus as it is pursued by the helicopter piloted by Simon Masrani. The helicopter pursues the Indominus to the Aviary, as it breaks in and frees the Pteranodons. The campers watch helpless, as the Pteranodons force the helicopter to crash, causing Simon Masrani’s death, just before the pteranodons turn on them as well.

The group run from the Pteranodons, just barely managing to get to safety in the Kayak River. They decide to use the Kayaks in the attraction to navigate the river, as there are two people per kayak. The campers encounter a cave lit by bioluminescent bacteria, and a large waterfall. Brooklynn tries to deflect the blame for their situation on Sammy, however, Kenji states that their situation might have been the same regardless. Sammy admits to Darius that her parents didn’t send her to spy, but that she had chosen to do so on her own to keep them from losing everything.

The Campers find a group of bio-luminescent Parasaurolophus

The group then encounters some Parasaurolophus in the underground river, and then become agitated by Bumpy’s cries, starting to attack the Kayaks, before they abruptly flee. The group are then almost sucked into a side tunnel due to a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaurus Lagoon. The Mosasaur begins circling them, and so the campers make for the safety of the spectator stands.

Brooklynn makes amends with Sammy

Just as the Mosasaurus is about to bear down on Sammy and Darius, Yasmina successfully diverts its attention by whacking the platform with an oar. Sammy and the others are able to utilize this distraction to make it to safety.  After everyone reaches the stands, they take some time to rest on the stands as the sun sets. Sammy attempts to apologize to Yasmina, but is again rebuffed, although Brooklynn mends fences with her. Hearing the sirens warning of the evacuation of the park, the campers decide to head for the South Dock.

The group decides to head for the Monorail in order to make it to the docks in time, but are interrupted by the arrival of the Carnotaurus. The group decides to attempt to sneak past while it’s back is turned, as Darius creates a distraction to lure it away. Reaching the top of the platform, they reach the monorail as it arrives, only for the announcement system to loudly alert the Carnotaurus to their presence. The predator gives chase but has difficulty climbing up the stairs, tripping and falling halfway up. The campers make it into the safety of the platform in time, just as the Carnotaurus reaches the top. However, it’s weight is too much to support the stairs, and it crashes through to the floor below

The group celebrates as they believe their rescue and evacuation is imminent, as the Monorail continues towards the South Docks. The campers discuss what they want to do once they are rescued, and then toast to surviving the events of the day. However, after their mood is soured once they hear a distant explosion, Sammy attempts to create a toast based on making new friends, but gets a lukewarm reception, as the group is unsure if they will ever see each other again after rescue.

However, this contemplation is interrupted by the sound of something large crashing into the Monorail, and it swiftly emerges that they are under attack by Pteranodons. Sammy assists the group in helping to try to knock the lights out to prevent an attack, and later uses her flashlights to distract the attacking pteranadons to allow Ben to re-route the train to stop it from crashing. She witnesses Ben falling from the train, but is powerless to stop it along with most of the survivors. Shortly after, she along with the rest of the group, jump off the train as they land in the jungle. The group decides to utilize the maintenance tunnelsto get to the docks, as they will not make it otherwise.

. The group encounters some roadblocks, and a group of Compys, before they are ambushed by the Carnotaurus again. The group manages to evade the Carnotaurus for a short while, until they reach a sealed off portion of the tunnel which was previously the exit. They decide to open the nearby crates, and attempt to attack the Carnotaurus.

Sammy and the campers lament missing the boat

However, the animal charges the cart containing the compressed air tanks they planned to ambush it with, sending the tanks flying everywhere, and causing a fire to start. The Carnotaur proceeds to attack the group, as they narrowly evade it in the confined space. Eventually, they manage to create an explosion that severely wounds the animal. As the group stumbles out of the wreckage, they are stunned to see that the Carnotaurus has also survived, although it is heavily scarred. The animal decides to leave to heal from its injuries rather then attempt a confrontation. Just then, the campers realize that the explosion created an exit passageway, only to find that Jurassic World has been evacuated.

A few days later, Sammy and the rest of the campers are pursued by a Parasaurolophus,  just before it is attacked and killed by a Tyrannosaurus rex.  Sammy would agree to go with Darius when he determines that the group should go to Main Street, perhaps attempting to find supplies there. The campers decide to try and find a place to eat and rest, as Yasmina is still injured. The campers arrive to find that Main Street has been abandoned and largely in ruins due to the fight between the Indominus and the Tyrannosaurus. Looking down at the broken fencing at the Mosaurus Lagoon, they deduce that it has been killed by the Mosasaurus.

Meanwhile Sammy brings up that there is a standee of Brooklynn on Main Street, which was used for marketing in Jurassic World. They quickly deduce there is no power, as the phones aren’t working. Sammy find’s an Insider’s guide to Jurassic World book in the store, with a comprehensive list of details about the park. Still reading from the guidebook, Sammy finds out about an EDB, or Emergency Distress Beacon, installed on Main Street which can send an SOS signal on all directions. Darius then states the groups new mission is to find the beacon.

After failing to find the beacon or supplies, the campers decide to rest, until Darius comes up with a revelation that the beacon must be disguised. So the campers now attempt to look for camoflauged items in hopes of finding the beacon. They find a broken pole, and determine it has been dragged off into the T-Rex Kingdom, quickly realizing that the Tyrannosaur is gathering them to make a nest.

The Campers realize that the Rex has pulled the beacon in the center of its nest. The campers despair, but Darius tries to figure out a solution. As the Tyrannosaur leaves to gather more supplies, Sammy and Yasmina stay behind to recon while Darius and Kenji go in, communicating with walkie talkies, in case of anything going wrong. Darius and Sammy realize they just need to activate the beacon, even as Sammy realizes that the Rex is right under where she has been hiding. The campers eventually manage to activate the beacon, before fleeing from Main Street, and the Tyrannosaur.

Later, the campers would decide to return to the ruins of Camp Cretaceous to set up a base camp. The group separates as one group aims to gather supplies, and then the other to stay at the camp. While they prepare to head out, the group gather broken pieces of wood to defend themselves, as Darius and Sammy observe a stegosaurus plate on the floor.

Hearing a roar, the campers discover that there are caged dinosaurs at the clinic, including a Sinoceratops. They realize that the place is a Veterinary clinic and decide to free the dinosaurs as they do not have food or water. They free a Sinoceratops, then Stegosaurus, and Parasaurolphus. Just then they realize that there is a caged Baryonyx, which is very aggressive upon their approach. Sammy and Darius are at disagreements over whether to free it or leave it.

Sammy argues that if they will not free them they have to feed them every day. Darius suggests feeding them the Sinoceratops, but Sammy refuses. Howevever, before they can resolve conflict, Brooklynn asks them to run as the other two Baryonyx chase them. The campers hide as they witness the Chaos trying to free the other one, although they are quickly pursued by Limbo.

Darius has the idea of telling Sammy to free the other Stegosaurus to distract the Baryonyx, and it succeeds in scaring them out of the immediate area. The campers run back to the camp, reuniting with Kenji and Yasmina, as they seek shelter in the trees to escape from the stampede. Darius has an idea of building a treehouse, and Yasmina creates a plan for it that the entire camp likes. As she rests, the episode ends with ther group building a camp for themselves, and Sammy returns Darius’s dinosaur tooth to him that she found in the wreckage.

Sometime later, the group has managed to make a functional shelter of the camp, with a working shower, which is safe from most predators. Sammy and Yasmina volunteer to go with Brooklynn to investigate a mysterious sound, while Kenji and Darius go to investigate the source of the river draining near their camp.

The girls continue to investigate the noise, as Yasmina and Sammy talk about their school experiences. The girls eventually find the frozen flowers from earlier, as they discover that the flowers hide an underground vent. Sammy compares it to an episode of a TV show she has watched, which it turns out that Brooklynn is a big fan of, much to Yasmina’s bemusement. Sammy encourages all of them to investigate, and the group spreads out, as Yasmina hears a hum which they follow to a genetics laboratory. The girls enter the laboratory, even as Brooklynn questions the many secrets of the park.

They discover that the laboratory is apparently empty, although they are not alone, as a dinosaur is lurking in the shadows. They come across a piece of stale cake from earlier, even as they come across a photo of Eddie and Dr. Henry Wu. As Brooklynn is upset about finding nothing, they are interrupted by a roar, as Two Baryonyx enter the building. Sammy whispers she named the animals Chaos, Grim, and Limbo. Meanwhile, Chaos closes in on their position, as it passes by them. The group is forced to flee as the Baryonx begin to pursue them, although they are too large to both chase after them in the narrow hallways and become stuck, allowing them to escape the building.

However, they are ambushed by Grim, but it chooses to respond to the roars of it’s pack, allowing the others to escape. Brooklynn is afraid she had lost the envelope, but Sammy reveals she found it. Opening the envelope, they discover some strange documents, before deciding to run back to camp after hearing a distant roar.

As the group reconnects back at the camp, they each inform the other group of their various successes in their objectives. The group decide to throw a party inside their nearby camp. As the group begins to celebrate, Sammy points out to the group a meteor shower, as night begins to fall. Just then, they witness what appears to be a campfire burning in the distance.

e campers decide to go seek out the bonfire and run towards the spot where they believe they saw it. Excited at the possibility of rescue,the group becomes upset as Darius climbs a tree and cannot find the fire. Sammy and the group become upset that they missed their chance for rescue, before they hear a roar in the underbrush, which is revealed to be a Ceratosaur, which they run from.

The Ceratosaur gives chase to the campers, and Kenji falls behind, as the campers go back for him, they make a stand, before it is interrupted by a flare gun. The flares scare the dinosaur away, as their saviors are revealed to be two men and a woman, Mitch and Tiff, claiming to be eco-tourists. The group question their apparent rescuers, even as they are introduced to their supposed guide, Hap.

The trio lead them to their well-appointed camp, which has yurts with bedrooms, and a picnic table. Mitch and Tiff supply the group with a lavishly appointed breakfast, as they enjoy a proper meal. Mitch promises them rescue in two days after their boat arrives back from the mainland, and the campers celebrate. Sammy gushes over the lavish appointments, as Brooklynn informs the group of her suspicions about Hap. Although the campers promise to keep their eyes open, they quickly relax in their newfound safety.

Mitch and Tiff begin to pack as they prepare to look for the others who have run off into the jungle. The campers begin to question things, even as the adults blow them off, refusing to answer their questions. As Darius inevitably finds out the truth regarding the hunters, Tiffany threatens him by holding Sammy hostage as the group heads towards the watering hole.

Darius and the other campers are forced to accompany Mitch and Tiff to the watering hole. Yasmina feigns to still be bothered by her injury as she falls, with Sammy helping her. As they rest temporarily, they discuss what to do, as Darius reluctantly states they have no choice. As night falls, the hunters prepare their weaponry, even as the group witnesses Stegosaurus entering the clearing.

The Stegosaurus charges the group, and the campers run away in the confusion, even as they are pursued by the Stegosaurs. They do not get far as Sammy is knocked down with the case, and the others are quickly grabbed. Sammy attacks Tiff, allowing Yasmina to get away with a message. Tiff threatens the pair with an electrical prod,

The episode opens as Sammy and Darius are forced to guide Mitch and Tiff to what they assume to be the watering hole. As Mitch and Tiff start to argue, Sammy tries to formulate a plan with Darius on how to get away. The four of them eventually make their way onto Main Street, which arouses the hunter’s suspicions.

The hunters turn on Sammy and Darius, cornering them in a gift shop as they threaten them. As the adults attempt to attack them with shock prods, the kids swiftly dump a shelf on them, and attempt to flee with their guns. As the adults recover, Tiff remarks her intent to kill the pair of them, despite Mitch’s statement that they need them alive. Sammy and Darius flee through Main Street, splitting up in an attempt to evade their pursuers.

As Mitch and Tiff stalk them through a dining area, the pair attempt to bargain with them. Sammy inadvertently drops the gun, making noise so as to attract the adults, and they begin to corner them once more. However, the adults are distracted by screeching in the distance, as well as Mitch nearly tripping on a scooter, allowing the children to get some distance between them and the adults. A Compy screeches past them, alerting the hunters once more.

Darius and Sammy manage to trick the hunters by manipulating an umbrella to give a false impression of their real position. Tiff shocks what appear to be the kids, but turns out to be the standee of Brooklynn. Meanwhile, as the power comes back onto the park, Darius and Sammy try to get into a shop, but are alerted just in time over the intercom that the hunters are attempting to ambush them.

As the hunters have them cornered, they threaten them again, but the ACU tablet starts beeping due to the power being restored. Tiff is able to see the locations of all the dinosaurs on the tablet, including the watering hole. Just then, they are interrupted by the sound of something large. Darius and Sammy begin to run, as they realize that the Tyrannosaur is coming.

The Tyrannosaur approaches, roaring at the hunters as they attempt to flee through Main Street. Mitch and Tiff begin to desperately fight Sammy and Darius for the guns, even as the Rex attacks them. The Rex lunges, snatching up the guns, and causing the group to scatter. Still attempting to get the guns, Mitch is caught holding onto the gun case, as the Rex shakes him around. He is thrown violently to the floor, and Tiff narrowly evades the Rex’s jaws, as she tries to escape with the guns and Mitch.

Believing the Rex not to be able to catch him, Mitch attempts to shock the Tyrannosaur. They flee into the jungle, even as the Rex roars in frustration. Darius and Sammy realize that the Rex is about to head back to the nest, but turns around as she smells the kids. Darius and Sammy are forced to hide under a table, but quickly have to run for their lives, attempting to hide in an alley. Darius and Sammy run to safety, even as they hear Kenji over the intercom, then try to inform the others that Mitch and Tiff have gone to the watering hole through charades.

Meanwhile, Darius and Sammy try unsuccessfully to alert the others back at the control room regarding Mitch and Tiff’s plans to hunt the dinosaurs. Darius resolves to go by himself, exhorting Sammy to gather the others. Meanwhile, Ben informs Sammy and Darius that he and Bumpy are still alive. The group resolves to work together to foil the hunter’s plot.

Meanwhile, Kenji, Darius and Sammy follow the tracks on their bike, even as Kenji has considerable difficulty keeping it steady. Just as the Hunters threatend Darius and Brooklyn, . Just then, the rest of the campers, including Sammy, arrive, using their vehicles to scare the dinosaurs away from the watering hole. s the other campers celebrate their apparent victory, they realize that the herd has turned around, and is stampeding in their direction, fleeing from the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The group flees as well.

The Rex pursues the campers, attempting to attack Bumpy, and by extension Sammy, Ben, and Yasmina, who are riding on top. They manage to evade the animal for the moment by winding their way though the herd. Eventually the group manages to make it to the dock to meet up with Darius.