Rubber Rafts (C/N)

The rubber rafts were located on Isla Nublar, in the raft storage shed near the lagoon. In their non-inflated state they are brown rubber cubes, strapped with rubber belts. The rafts are inflated with the inflation cylinder after the straps are released. Dr. Alan Grant inflated one of the rafts to row across the lagoon with Tim Murphy and his little sister Lex Murphy. A Tyrannosaurus attack nearly capsized the raft, but they managed to escape down the river. Later, Grant brought the raft ashore and tied it to to a tree to explore the Aviary. When this venture turned dangerous, they took to the river again on the raft.  It very nearly got stuck in the mud near two Dilophosaurs, but floated downriver without further incident. When the raft went over a waterfall, Grant and the kids fell out of it and the raft continued downstream, presumably to the ocean.