Raul Lopez (CB-Topps)

A well-known palaeontologist with supposedly “radical theories”, Raul Lopez, along with Sonya Durant, was hired by BioSyn to investigate Isla Nublar and its strange occurrences. The two encounter Drs Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, Robert Muldoon and Edgar Prather on the island, and after a quick argument, the group are attacked by Cearadactyls. Unarmed, Raul cannot fend off the creatures, so Ellie passes him her gun. After the attack, Raul and Sonya prepare to take the InGen team hostage, but the army attacks and another fight breaks out. The two teams decide to merge temporarily. Shortly afterwards, they are attacked by the island’s Tyrannosaurus, but Alan fends it off. Later, Raul and Muldoon discuss the palaeontologist’s theories. At night, the group sails across a river in two boats; the Rex attacks them, but they are able to escape. They eventually come across the army base; while Edgar and Sonya go ahead to enter, Alan, Ellie, Muldoon and Raul are captured. While Alan, Ellie and Muldoon talk, Raul stays silent, and when Edgar comes to rescue them, he snaps Raul’s neck, killing him.