Rainn Delacourt (S/F)

The Juvenile Baryonyx attacks Rainn

Rainn Delacourt was an American poacher and animal trafficker who became notorious for his involvement with the underground dinosaur trade following the 2018 Lockwood Estate incident. He mainly operated in the United States, though by early 2022 he became an internationally wanted man as he acted as a supplier for the black-market broker Soyona Santos. Delacourt was also involved with the 2022 kidnapping of Maisie Lockwood.

Delacourt died due to an animal attack in the Amber Clave Night Market in Valletta, Malta in the spring of 2022. At the time of his death, he was actively fleeing from American intelligence operatives.


Rainn is a gender-neutral given name which originated in somewhat recent American history, though it has become widespread in English-speaking countries. It references the weather phenomenon of rainfall, and is often said to mean “blessings from above,” sometimes specifically an abundance or heavy shower of such blessings.

Delacourt is a version of the French surname De la Cour, literally meaning “of the court.” It originated with the Huguenots, who altered De la Cour into Delacour and Delacourt after moving to Ireland. This implies some French ancestry for Rainn Delacourt, and his accent further suggests that he is Cajun.


Delacourt was wanted by the CIA’s Dangerous Species Division for his smuggling activities. Delacourt tracked Blue to the Sierra Nevadas, where he was able to determine that she had a baby, Beta. Rainn Delacourt also had tracked Owen Grady and Claire Dearing to their cabin in the Sierras, discovering also that they had been keeping Maisie Lockwood secret.He made a deal through brokerages such as Soyona Santos to sell the juvenile and Maisie to Biosyn.

Rainn Delacourt made his presence known as he passively observed Owen after he had managed to wrangle a Parasaurolphus. Rainn then followed Owen to his cabin, organizing his team to simultaneously kidnap both Beta and Maisie. Rainn personally oversaw Beta’s abduction, waiting until Blue and Beta were otherwise distracted with bringing food back to their nest, before slamming Blue with his vehicle, causing the dinosaur to fall down a small cliff. This distraction allowed them to be able to net Beta.

Delacourt, drove off then, firing his shotgun at Owen to prevent him from interfering, as he met up with his co-conspirators who had already trapped Maisie. Meeting up with his co-conspirators, he would use his truck to block Maisie’s escape, tossing her bicycle into the river after she had been abducted.

Delacourt and his trafficking ring would then travel to Malta, where they would transfer Beta and Maisie to Biosyn Valley with the assistance of Soyona Santos. He would then broker a deal with Santos to transport Atrociraptors to Ridayah, Saudi Arabia. However, the exchange was interrupted by CIA Dangerous Species Division officers and a gunfight ensued. In the chaos, Delacourt ran into the Amber Clave Night market, pursued by Owen Grady.

While fleeing through the market, a juvenile Baryonyx attempted to break its chains of captivity and launched itself at the smuggler, although he was able to escape. However, in the commotion a mass breakout inside the market ensued and several large animals such as an Allosaurus and a Carnotaurus escaped. Delacourt would then fight with Owen in the dinosaur fighting ring, attempting to slash at him with a knife, although he was eventually overpowered and knocked to the ground.

Delacourt was then attacked by a juvenile Carnotaurus and a Lystrosaurus who each bit one of his arms. As he screamed in pain, Owen interrogated him as to Maisie’s whereabouts. In agonizing pain, Delacourt confessed he had handed both Maisie and Beta to Santos. Just then, the Juvenile Baryonyx broke free of it’s chains, and lunged forward, attacking and killing Rainn Delacourt.

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Rainn Delacourt is portrayed by Scott Haze. Originally, Colin Trevorrow simply described the character as a villain that audiences would want to root against, though he went through a few iterations; some early descriptions characterized him as a villainous parallel to Owen Grady. While in the final film they have little in common, they are portrayed as rivals who clash on a few occasions. He is not based on any character from Michael Crichton‘s novels, instead being an original character created for Jurassic World: Dominion.

While Trevorrow always intended for Delacourt to have a facial tattoo in order to give him a memorable look, Scott Haze was the one who suggested a snake to designer Sian Grigg. According to him, the snake is intended to be a black mamba, an homage to recently-deceased basketball player Kobe Bryant and his “mamba mentality.” Bryant, who used the nickname “Black Mamba” as a means of comparing his own accuracy on the court to that of the swift snake, was a major source of inspiration to Haze. The number 24 is less conspicuously tattooed on Delacourt’s chest; this references Bryant’s player number.