Protogyny (C/N)

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Some species of amphibians, most notably the Common reed frog of West Africa, have been known to be able to spontaneously change sex from female to male. This very likely occurs when a population of these animals does not have enough males to allow procreation. This is accomplished when a chemical reaction causes the female sex gene to disintegrate the female sex organs and develop the male ones, or vice versa.

In 1993, Dr. Alan Grant speculated that this ability may have been inherited by the dinosaurs in the Park after finding an egg shell from a Velociraptor in the Stegosaurus enclosure. He then speculated that it was amphibian DNA was used to fill in the gene sequence gaps of the dinosaurs during their initial creation, and after asking Dr. Wu to corroborate this, was proven to be correct. Later, after entering a tunnel accessed behind an artificial waterfall, Dr. Grant discovered a juvenile male Raptor, which provided further evidence for his hypothesis.