Procompsognathids Height Graph (C/N)


The Height Graph for the Procomsognathids (at left), which showed the relation between the number of animals and the height of the animals, was in the shape of a Gaussian Distribution, incorrectly referred to as a Poisson Distribution in earlier versions of the novel. This was described by Henry Wu, who was using the graph to demonstrate the computer system, as showing that “most of the animals cluster around an average central value, and a few are either larger or smaller than the average, at the tails of the curve” (132). Wu incorrectly assumed that this is normal for the supposedly controlled population. Later, Ian Malcolmused the graph to prove that the data reflects a  breeding population, as opposed to an artificially controlled one. Since the Procomsognathids were introduced in three batches, the graph should have had three separate arcs for each batch that was introduced. (see ideal graph at right) Instead, the graph was that of a breeding population.