Pith Helmet (C/N)

pth helmetDuring Dr. John Hammond’s tour of Jurassic Park pith helmets were distributed to guests. While Ed Regis was their guide, right before they rode in the Toyota Land Cruisers used for the tour;  “By his side a woman was passing out pith helmets with “Jurassic Park” labeled on the headband, and a little blue dinosaur logo.” Quote found in the Third Iteration: The Tour; page 134 paperback edition of the Jurassic Park novel.

A pith helmet (or safari helmet) is a type of lightweight, cloth-covered helmet made of cork or pith (the tissue of stems from vascular plants). The helmet is designed to keep the sunlight out of one’s eyes. It was in the 1870’s that Pith Helmets became more frequently made and worn by European tropical colinies, using the materials around them for the pith. It is particularly associated with big game hunters and safari-goers of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The most common pith helmet found today is a distinct British pattern; the Wolseley Pattern Pith. Other styles of pith helmets include French, Indian, and the African (Safari).