Owen Grady's Motorcycle (S/F)

The Triumph Scrambler is a motorcycle model developed by Triumph Motorcycles in pratt2006. The motorcycle possesses a 5-speed chain drive transmission and a 865 cc DOHC four-stroke twin engine. The Scrambler was designed as an off-road motorcycle, also taking influences from the earlier model ‘TR6C Trophy Special’, as it kept many of its key features including a twin exhausts and crossover exhaust headers.

Jurassic World.

Owen Grady owned a Triumph Scrambler, storing the vehicle at his bungalow in Isla Nublar. He was seen working on the motorcycle when Claire Dearing visited him at the Bungalow. When Vic Hoskins put his plan into action to utilize the Velociraptors in a field test to attempt to capture the Indominus rex, Owen Grady utilized the motorcycle to keep up with the ACU. As Owen rode alongside the Velociraptors, a gopro unit installed in the motorcycle enabled Claire Dearing and the ACU to observe him in real time.

After the velociraptors turn on the ACU, Owen Grady utilized a clicker to distract Blue from her attack on Barry. As Blue gave chase, Owen fled using his motorcycle. Owen eventually caught up to the ambulance, accompanying Claire to main street. Once Owen reached Main Street, he abandoned the motorcycle to attempt to flee to the control room with the rest of the group.