OMNI Magazine (S/F)

OMNI was a monthly science and science-fiction themed magazine, which was in print from 1978 to 1995. Launched by Kathy Keeton, who aimed to create “an original mixture of science fiction and science fact,” OMNI covered a wide variety of topics, such as emerging technologies, astronomy, UFO’s and medicine. A short-lived television series titled OMNI: The New Frontier was broadcast in 1981, and a spin-off magazine called OMNI Comix, which ultimately only ran for three issues, made its debut in 1995. The April 1995 edition was the last monthly edition of the magazine-from then until Winter 1995 only two issues were published. After it ceased publication, an online version of the magazine was launched, only to be shut down in 2003 after Keeton’s death.

While talking to Dr. Alan Grant about different theories regarding the K-T mass extinction, Tim Murphy mentioned hearing about one brought up in OMNI. According to him, the magazine explained that a meteor hit the Earth and caused catastrophic climate change after depositing huge amounts of diamond dust into the atmosphere.


OMNI March 1992