Night Vision Goggles (C/N)

Not much of the appearance of the goggles is known. A pair used on Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar, were described as heavy-weighted with sensitive CCD lenses, and has a focusing knob on the portion that rests near the wearer’s ear. Sarah Harding also used a different pair in when conducting research at night.

In 1989, Head of Public Relations for Jurassic Park Ed Regis, lent John Hammond‘s 11 year old grandson Tim Murphy a pair while he, Tim, Tim’s younger sister Lex, and others were taking part in a test of the Park’s tour system. However, due to sabotage of the Park systems by computer programmer Dennis Nedry, the tour stalled at the Tyrannosaur Paddock during a storm as the tour vehicles were returning to the garage. Using the night vision goggles, Tim noted how  the night vision  goggles tinged everything with an electric green glow. When the Tyrannosaurus rex broke out of her paddock, Tim first noticed the animal’s presence due to the green glow given off by the eyes. This seemed to be a feature of the goggles, as it is later shown that the eyes of the Velociraptors also glowed green when viewed through the goggles.  After the attack, Tim continued to use the goggles. Through the goggles, Tim was able to meet up with Lex and then Dr. Alan Grant whom Tim had been separated from during the attack. Dr. Grant used the goggles to try to spot a place where he and the children could safely bed down for the night, finding asylum in the Sauropod Maintenance Shed in the Sauropod Paddock. The goggles were not needed until once Grant and the kids found themselves back at the Park’s Visitors’ Center, where Tim used them as Lex helps him trap a Velociraptor in a large walk in freezer. The Velociraptor had followed the children into the Visitor Center kitchen when the children went looking for food. Near the end of the Incident, Grant used them as he, lawyer Donald Gennaro, Park Warden Robert Muldoon, and Grant’s paleobotanist graduate student Ellie Sattler snuck into a waterworks located at the southern end of the island. The waterworks, which had been used to control flooding, had become  the nesting site of the Velociraptors, which prompted the aforementioned group to find in order to take a count of the size of the nest. After making a count, the group followed the Raptor pack onto the beach, where a Costa Rican military helicopter picked up all of the survivors just before the Park was firebombed.

In 1995, Dr. Sarah Harding used an undescribed pair of night vision goggles during her studies on the African Savannah. On the night before Sarah joined Dr. Richard Levine‘s team in Isla Sorna, InGen‘s Site B, Sarah used her night vision goggles to observe a pack of hyenas hunting African buffalo, before the pack was confronted by several lions hoping to take advantage of the Hyena’s kill. In the same year, and on the same expedition to Isla Sorna, Dr. Richard Levine also used his own undescribed pair of night vision goggles to witness the death of Howard King by a pack of Velociraptors in a field of long grass and then again to witness the attack of a pair of Tyrannosaurus rex on the field trailers.