New York (IDW-JPR)

New York appears at least once in the Redemption series. Tim Murphy goes on a talk show with a fairly rude host that essentially roasts Tim for being the grandchild of the late John Hammond, who is responsible for all the deaths and accidents associated with Jurassic Park.  The United Nations building, which is in New York, is also seen in issue one of Redemption. Lex Murphy goes before the UN to plead with them to keep putting security around the Jurassic Park islands (Sorna and Nublar) so that more accidents can be avoided with either people going to the island or people taking dinosaurs off the island. Several members of the United Nations want to exploit the dinosaurs to make a profit, but Lex warns them of the possibility of human extinction if dinosaurs were to reach the mainland.

There are two other possible times that New York is seen. In issue one of Jurassic Park: Redemption, the series opens up with Tim Murphy in large conference room that overlooks a city.  It is unknown as to whether or not this is a new headquarters in New York, or the old InGen headquarters in San Diego.

Another time is when Tim is at a zoo, for the grand opening of a new Pachyderm section that is in memory of John Hammond. The location of the zoo is never stated, although it can be assumed to be New York for the soul reason that Bill, a senator who is helping fund Tim’s new Jurassic Park, arrives here. Bill also appears at the broadcast station that hosts the talk show Tim goes on later on. That would be quite a random jump from San Diego to New York for the senator.