Murphy Parents (C/N)

The biological mother and father of Tim and Lex, they went through a divorce in 1989, Mr. Murphy moving out to his own residence in Mill Valley in the month prior to the Isla Nublar Incident.

Not much in the way of a description is given of Tim and Lex’s mother, but their father is described as being a considerable fan of sports, including the New York Mets baseball team. Because of this, he gets along better with Lex than he does Tim, who he describes as “having dinosaurs on the brain”. Because of this conflict of interest, trips to the American Museum of Natural History are often cut short for Tim. During the divorce, Mr. Murphy apparently no longer picked up or held his daughter, even though Lex misses him immensely. Tim, however, was conflicted and somewhat apathetic towards the situation due to his estrangement with his father.