Mitsubishi Movemaster RV-M2 (S/F)

The Mitsubishi Movemaster RV-M2 has greater reach and higher lifting capabilities than the RV-M1 series, and its several joints make it ideal for smaller work areas.  It can be enabled for pre-programmed tasks or visual cues.  This made the Hatchery the ideal place for this robot in Jurassic Park.  The one used in the movie was fitted with a spatula-like attachment for a gentler approach for handling the eggs.

Using its pre-programmed abilities, the Movemaster rotates the eggs regularly, presumably what the parent would do in the wild to ensure even heating on all sides of the eggs.  For its visual capabilities, it steadies the eggs when it senses they are about to hatch.  Also, as Dr. Grant discovered, it ensures that none of the eggs are removed from the incubation unit.  During its rest cycle, the Movemaster folds itself compactly and faces away from the incubators.