Manuel Aragón (C/N)

Manuel was a paramedic stationed at the small fishing village of Bahía Anasco  on  the west coast of Costa Rica. As an assistant to Bobbie Carter, he was on hand at the start, just before the tour of Jurassic Park took place. When a boy from Isla NublarInGen‘s Biological Preserve – was brought to Puntarenas for treatment in a Sikorsky helicopter owned by InGen.  Manuel aided in starting an intravenous line in the injured boy and cleaning the wounds.

When the patient was able to speak out the words ‘Lo sa raptor’ and Manuel caught the scent of the patients wounds, he became superstitious and would no longer help. He even restrained Dr. “Bobbie” Carter from performing mouth-to-mouth on the patient. He claimed “raptor” meant “hupia“, a superstition of the local village.