M. B. Nash (S/F)

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One of the mercenaries hired by Paul and Amanda Kirby to help them find their son Eric, M. B. Nash was a former Sergeant Major according to his dogtags. He piloted the plane that brought the Kirbys and their party to Isla Sorna. During the Spinosaurus attack, Nash tried to get everyone off the island, though reluctantly left Cooper behind. When the Spinosaurus ran out onto the runway, he tried to steer the plane away by lost control and crashed the plane into the jungle. Immediately afterwards, Nash tried to call for help using Paul’s satellite phone, but the Spinosaurus tore open the cockpit of the plane and pulled Nash from it, and proceeded to devour him. It was later revealed that the spinosaur had eaten the satellite phone along with Nash, which alerted the remaining humans to its presence later. The satellite phone was later recovered from the spinosaur’s droppings, along with Nash’s watch, his glasses and one of his bones.

While on Sorna, Nash carried a Heckler & Koch SL8 and a Mossberg 500 “cruiser” for weapons, although he was never shown using either of them.

M. B. Nash was played by Bruce A. Young.