Loyalty Points (L/M)

Loyalty Points are a type of currency used in the L/M canon universe. They are specific to Jurassic World, where they are awarded to park managers over time. Loyalty Points can be exchanged for exclusive assets; because they are awarded in double quantity to VIP managers, this means that VIPs will have access to these exclusive rewards sooner than others.


The chief source of Loyalty Points is opening card packs. Depending on the pack’s rarity, varying quantities of Loyalty Points are awarded along with them; rarer packs or those that are won through more difficult or uncommon challenges come with larger amounts of Points. VIPs receive twice as many Points when opening a pack.

Loyalty Points can also be obtained through the Trade Harbor in exchange for other assets. This implies that Loyalty Points have value outside of InGen, but this is not expanded upon in the mobile canon.