Kayla Watts (S/F)

Kayla Watts- Dino Smuggler

Kayla Watts is an African-American pilot and smuggler. She was formerly a member of the U.S. Air Force before leaving to do freelance work, much of it illegal. In 2021, she was contracted by BioSyn Genetics to ferry de-extinct animals from various locations to BioSyn facilities such as the BioSyn Genetics Sanctuary. Until its final crash-landing in 2022 during the Biosyn Valley Incident, she was known for her signature Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar, the Midnight Oiler. After this she became the pilot of that airplane’s successor the Midnight Oiler 2.

Smuggling and Biosyn:

Watts was heavily involved in smuggling of de-extinct animals, and she was a known entity at both the Amber Clave Night Market, and Biosyn Valley. Watts smuggled animals for profit, as well as transported animals from the mainland to Biosyn Valley. It was during this time that Watts embarked on a brief fling with Denise, the air traffic controller at Biosyn Valley.

Watts was familiarized with the murkiness of the ethics involving smuggling that she eventually became desensitized over time to many of the ethical lapses she witnessed. This would include illegal dinosaur fighting rings, and eventually human trafficking, as Watts stood by and watched from afar as Maisie Lockwood was kidnapped.

The Malta Incident

In mid 2022, Kayla Watts was performing a routine flight to the Amber Clave Night Market to sell a Lystrosaurus. Despite initial concerns, Watts sold the animal to another trafficker for use in a dinosaur fighting ring. While this deal was ongoing, she witnessed Maisie’s abduction by Soyona Santos, but did not interfere, instead choosing to return to the Amber Market.

After witnessing the Lystrosaurus win against an Oviraptor in the fight, Watts retired to the restroom in disgust, only to be confronted by Claire Dearing, who asked her if she had seen her adopted daughter, Maisie. Despite being sympathetic, Watts chose not to get involved, and walked away. However, later as she was presumably heading back to her plane, she witnessed Dearing evading pursuit from a pair of Atrociraptors.

Hijacking the vehicle that Claire had fallen into, Watts would immediately start driving, although the Atrociraptors were in hot pursuit. Watts was able however, to utilize her experience within Malta to effectively evade her pursuers, leading Dearing to the airfield, where they were able to board the plane in safety. Once aboard the plane, Watts was able to maneuver the plane so that Owen Grady would be able to board, before they took off, with Biosyn Valley being the destination.

The Biosyn Valley Incident

Grady would take a seat in the cockpit, as the pair of them got acquainted with Watts, as they headed to Biosyn Valley. As they approached the valley, Watts attempted to negotiate for permission to land with the Valley’s control room, however she was denied clearance. Shortly afterwards, plane was attacked by a Quetzalcoaltus, resulting in the near complete destruction of the plane, as it was sent crashing on a downward spiral, eventually landing on a frozen dam at the edge of the valley.

As Grady and Watts exited the plane, they caught the attention of a nearby Pyroraptor. Attempting to flee the predator, Grady temporarily fell into the ice water of the frozen lake, before he was pulled up by Watts. Running for the elevator as they were pursued by the Pyroraptor, they barely made it to safety, Watts managing to obtain a nearby taser as she struck the animal as it attempted to attack them through the bars while the elevator began its motions.

Watts and Grady would travel through the valley until they reached the site of Dearings crash landing. Witnessing the Tyrannosaur approaching, they hid, watching her start to feed on a deer carcass. As they watched, the Valley’s resident Giganotosaurus approached, and exerted a territorial defense, biting the Rex, and forcing her to leave it’s territory. Grady and Watts waited for it to leave before pressing onwards.

It would be nightfall before they found Dearing, who was huddled behind a Biosyn viewing Outpost. Although realizing that she was being hunted by a pack of Dilophosaurs, Grady and Watts bravely stepped into the middle of the clearing to help Dearing just as a Dilophosaur was about to attack her.  Grady grabbed the animal by it’s throat, preventing it from spitting its venom on Dearing, while Watts tasered it, causing the animal to collapse. Seeing this, the rest of the pack ran back into the bushes.

The trio would then ponder on how to get into the Outpost, realizing it was locked. Before they could determine the best plan of approach, a Biosyn jeep crashed down, overturned in front of them. Maisie Lockwood made her escape from the crash, embracing Grady and Dearing. The other occupants of the Jeep exited as well, revealing themselves to be Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant, and Ellie Sattler. Maisie reassured her adopted parents that these were her rescuers from the clutches of Biosyn, and introductions were made between the two groups.

However, just then, they would witness the flaming horde of Locusts flying through the sky, setting the forest ablaze. Before the group could do anything, the Giganotosaurus entered the clearing, agitated by the forest fire. The group hid behind the overturned jeep, before they each made their attempted escape up the ladder to the Biosyn outpost. Grady made it up successfully, and did his best to assist others, including Watts, even as the predator attempted to attack the ladder.

As they got up the ladder, the Giga cornered the group, with the door locked they had nowhere to run until Malcolm performed a distraction that served the dual purpose of allowing the remaining him to run up the ladder, and for Watts and the group to enter the safety of the Outpost. However, the animal broke through the glass, attacking Grady briefly, before he was able to break loose. Watts stepped back, as he others rose to his rescue, attacking and tasing the animal, to encourage it to leave.

Now that the group was no longer under immediate threat, they resolved on two courses of actions, to leave, and to rescue Beta. Watts would travel down into the tunnels from the outpost to reach the main command compound, where the group eventually reached the control center without incident. Once there, Watts and the group were introduced to Ramsay Cole, who utilized his knowledge of the parks systems to assist Dearing in completing each of the groups individual goals, as well as informing Watts of where the helicopter was.

Dearing was able to reach the helicopter pad without incident, although she was forced to wait until Sattler and Dearing managed to reroute power to the ADP systems before she would take off. However, the evacuation of the dinosaurs into the main compound centre, meant that Watts had to circle briefly for a stable spot. Watts observed as the survivors ran from a confrontation between the  the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Giganotosaurus

Sattler, Grant, Malcolm and Wu were able to reache Despite this, Dearing, Grady, Cole, and Maisie were caught under a piece of rubble in the courtyard, as the Rex had been pinned down by the Giganotosaurus. Seeing that the group was pinned down with no escape, Watts distracted the large carnivore with a flare, distracting its attention to a nearby Therizinosaurus long enough to allow Dearing and the others to escape on the chopper.

Post Incident

Immediately after landing safely on the Biosyn Airstrip, Watts would relate the circumstances of the incident to the Italian Authorities. It may be assumed that her cooperation allowed her a certain measure of amnesty from prosecution, possibly being as a witness for the hearings via the United States Congress. Sometime after her release, Watts came into possession of her replacement plane, the Midnight Oiler 2.