Katashi Hamada (JN)

Hamada during the hunt for the Indominus rex.
Hamada as he is played in the film by Brian Tee.

Katashi Hamada was a former SWAT team leader for the Tokyo police department, who later became the captain of the Asset Containment Unit, the security force present on Isla Nublar and Jurassic World. He and eight other men were assigned to go out and capture the Indominus rex quietly before it reached the main park.

During the hunt for the Indominus rex, Hamada came across the bloodied tracking device implanted on the hybrid, laying on a piece of rock. He mentions that the blood stuck to the flesh hadn’t clotted yet, meaning it was nearby. Shortly afterward, he noticed a warm drop of blood land on his hand, which reveals the Indominus rex, which was hiding in the canopy using camouflage. He screams and attempts to run away, but the hybrid picks him up and grips him tightly, before throwing him to the ground and stomping on him, killing him instantly.