Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous (S/F) / (CC-JW)

Camp Cretaceous

Camp Cretaceous was an attraction located on Isla Nublar at Jurassic World.The Camp consisted of a series of treetop bungalows connected by wooden bridges. Access to the camp was through an elevator that was attached to a tree at the camp entrance. The staff assigned to the first batch of campers were co-counselors Roxie and Dave.

Destroyed Camp

The Camp was envisioned to hold 500 kids and 150 staff when it was completed. The rules were that curfew would be at 8:00 PM and that bedtime was at 9:00pm. The treetop bungalows consisted of several rows of bunk beds, along with an adjacent living area. The living quarters had activities such as a table tennis area, as well as snacks. The camp would be destroyed by an unknown dinosaur during the Jurassic World incident,

Overhead view of the new Camp

Some time after the destruction of the camp, five of the campers would return to attempt to utilize the Camp as a base. The group would rebuild the camp to their best efforts, creating a raised platform that was about twelve to fifteen feet above the ground, accessible via a a bamboo ladder.  The new camp also was equipped with a makeshift shower area, table and seating, as well as private sleeping areas. The structure was also equipped with a slide for ease of exiting the makeshift housing.