Johns Hopkins University (C/N)

Johns Hopkins University is a not-for-profit private research university which is
based in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States.  Assorted campuses of this prestigious school are located in Washington D.C., Maryland, China, Italy, and Singapore. A large numberof degree programs are offered through these campuses, including: Biosciences, engineering, business & education, creativewriting, English, history, economics, international studies, medicine, music,neuroscience, nursing, political theory, public health, public policy, and theromance languages. In total, over 150 degree programs are available through theschool and its associated learning establishments.

John Hopkins University was founded in 1876 and named for its philanthropist
benefactor, who pioneered the concept of the modern research university.  It is home the oldest American university press in continuous operation, as well as America’s first coeducational, graduate-level medical school. The university is also credited with founding
the first school of public health in the United States.

John Hopkins University is one of the most well founded schools in the United
States. The 2009 fiscal year saw the school receive 1.856 billion dollars in
research grants, the highest of any university in the United States. The university is known for its science, medical andengineering research. Spending 1.68 billion dollars on research and developmentin 2008 led to the universities right to claim itself as the leading U.S.
academic institution for R&D; for the 30th year in a row.

Johns Hopkins University has been ranked #1 among American academic
institutions, and as of 2011 thirty-seven Nobel Prize winners have been
affiliated with the university.  Theschool is accredited by nine separate agencies for a total of 11 accreditationsin specialized, institutional, and residency fields.

Lewis Dodgson is a former graduate student of Johns Hopkins University.
However, he was dismissed from the program after planning human gene therapy without
permission from the Food and Drug Administration.