Isaac Clement (S/F-JWE)

Isaac Clement grew up in Somerville, Massachusetts – out of Boston. As a young boy, he had expressed massive interest in miniatures, mechanical toys, trains, robots, and robotics, as well as remote-controlled vehicles. This enthusiasm was fed to him by his father who was an aerospace mechanic. Frequently on his birthday, Isaac would receive building sets and eventually even electric circuitry kits for him to tinker with. After High School and graduating with honors, he would find himself continuing his schooling at M.I.T. While there Clement focused on a business degree and caught the entertainment bug. He took a sabbatical during his Master’s degree in marketing and became a tour guide. He would eventually move to work behind the scenes learning everything he could about business-life itself.  Eventually, he was given the job of designing rides and he discovered he did it spectacularly well!

This would help him in being hired eventually by the Hammond Foundation where he would be placed in charge of the Entertainment Division, an occupation he has held for the last several years and done exceptionally well in. Clement is often said to have a light-hearted demeanor that disguises the fact that he is completely dedicated to his work. With his solid work ethic, he is more than capable to solve any problems all the way to their ultimate solution. He expects others to of course share this level of dedication to their work as well so the guests who visit the park have the best experience possible when visiting the islands.