Interaction (L/M)

Interactions are one of three ways that Dinosaur Protection Group members can care for their creatures in Sanctuaries, the other two being the provision of Food and Toys. Unlike these other methods, which are resources that provide for the animals’ nutrition and stimulation respectively, Interaction serves to familiarize the animals with their handlers.

Methods and use

While the history of de-extinction has always involved some level of interaction with the animals, the relationship between animal and handler became more complex as time went on. In Jurassic World, keepers learned how each species liked to be handled. However, physical touch can eventually overstimulate the animals and cause them to react aggressively, and if this happens a handler will have to let an overwhelmed creature calm down before petting it again.

The Dinosaur Protection Group addresses this issue by restricting the amount of direct interaction their handlers have with their creatures. Interaction passes are distributed via the global supply drop network, just as with Food, Toys, and other resources. A DPG member can use an Interaction to socialize with any Sanctuary animal one time. Some animals become excited when they are interacted with, while others react aggressively and are less sociable. In any case, familiarizing the creatures with their handlers is a way to provide for their emotional needs and ease them into a satisfied state. This makes it easier to collect DNA samples from them in the Sanctuary.