Hyenas (C/N)

Hyenas are a large carnivorous mammals native to the African Savannah-land. Often portrayed as villainous opposite of African predators often deemed more “noble” such as the lion, hyenas are described of having an aesthetically unappealing appearance. Sloped bodies, large heads, and an awkward gait add to the image completed by their unique vocalizations reminiscent of an unpleasant laugh. Dr. Sarah Harding was the foremost expert on hyenas, and her findings on hyenas helped refute the demonization of the animals were initially met with strong opposition, but eventually accepted with further documentation. Of these findings were the matriarchal and incredibly social structure of hyena packs, which included the animals being brave hunters and attentive parents.

In 1995, Dr. Harding observed a pack of hyenas with eight adult animals designated with “Face #’s” counting from F1 to F8. On the eve before Dr. Harding set out to Isla Sorna, Dr. Harding, along with her assistant Makena, observed the pack of adults nocturnally hunting a herd of African Buffalo through a pair of night vision goggles. Dr. Harding noted that the hyenas were quick to allow their pups access to the kill they made, before being bullied away by a pride of lions.