Hammond's Video Monitors (C/N)

In John Hammond‘s Bungalow, the main living  room was set up with half a dozen of computer consoles, which showed video images from around the park. The monitors were used in conjunction with their projected animal count to attempt to maintain control over the park’s animal population by using it for visual confirmation of an animal. Since they were able to remotely control the movement and camera angle of their cameras, it allowed for a wider range of monitoring in Jurassic Park. They used this system not only for identification of the animals, but also to monitor their behavior.

After Dennis Nedry shut the fences off, the Video Monitors were one of the first systems to go out since they required a connection to the park’s outer electrical grid. Unlike the Monitors in the control room however, Hammond’s monitor’s were most likely utilized for viewing the animals at his own leisure without having to go into the park, these days when his presence on Isla Nublar was required.

Jurassic Park  by Michael Crichton page 120(First Edition, Thirty Fourth printing)