Ginkgoes (C/N)

The Ginkgo tree is a species of tree originating from China that currently has no known living relatives. The Ginkgo is a living fossil, as it dates back 270 million years ago to the Permian period. They are usually range from being 20m to 35m tall, but have been known to get taller in China. They are most well known for their unique fan shaped looking leaves. The Ginkoes also feature sexual dimorphism. There are male and female trees. The tree has also been discovered to have incredible medicinal uses. There is even evidence to support that the Ginkgo might be able to treat schizophrenia.

Ginkgoes (S F)

In the Toyota Land Cruisers used for the tour of Jurassic Park, the voice of Richard Kiley used in the computer systems of the vehicles mentions them: Cycads were a favorite food of the dinosaurs. You can also see bennettitales, and ginkgoes.”