George Lawala's Cargo Plane (CB-Topps)

PlaneGeorge Lawala utilized a two-pilot Cargo Plane to transport himself and his supplies to Isla Nublar. It was spacious enough to hold several Cargo Cages, in which Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler were contained as well as several captured Velociraptors.These cages were fastened by chains which were locked. In addition, the plane contained a large amount of wooden crates, in which other supplies were kept. A rope and pulley system existed on the plane, to assist in maneuvering the crates.

Additional supplies on the plane included raptor bags, which were used to contain the raptors while they were being loaded onto the ship. Also, included were several shotguns and rifles for use in subduing animals, with flashlights so to be able to see what he was stalking. Lawala also kept a tranquilizing spray, so to be able to keep the raptors at bay. After the Velociraptors killed the crew of the plane, Alan and Ellie managed to crash land the plane in Columbia.