George Lawala (CB-Topps)

A hunter-for-hire who was sent to Isla Nublar to capture a group of Velociraptors. he surprised Drs Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler by arriving on Isla Nublar via riding an underwater Jetski. He chases them through a cave system before being attacked by a mother Raptor. He kills it with his rifle, although it bites his leg while dying. Later, Lawala fights Alan and Ellie, ultimately capturing them, along with the five adolescent Raptors. He utilizes nets to tow them from the island via his Jetski. Onboard a cargo boat named the Agua Brooma, Lawala finds both Alan and Ellie and the Raptors trying to break out of their cages.

He knocks them all out with knock-out gas. Then at an un-named central american dock, he has them moved onto a cargo plane.Here, the Raptors escape and encircle Alan and Ellie’s cage; they leave when they realise that they cannot enter the cage (as Alan’s earlier attempt to pick the lock has jammed it) and Lawala, investigating the weight shift in the plane, is attacked by a Raptor, whose head he promptly shoots apart. Lawala then lets Alan and Ellie out and gives them guns so that the three can all search the plane.

Lawala kills another attacking Raptor with a shot to the chest, before the plane’s pilot, Brennan, appears; the pair are both attacked by a female Raptor (which shall later be named Celia), and although Lawala injures it, he and Brennan are both killed by her. His death later urges Robert Muldoon, his blood brother who he saved from an attacking lion in Africa, to take vengeance on him by capturing the Raptors, alive or dead.