George Lambert (S/F-JWE)

George Lambert is a former veteran sniper turned Director of Security for the Las Cinco Muertes chain. Lambert was always interested in the armed forces and while he grew up being an only child, he would still join the military. Lambert was a very exceptional athlete in his youth as well, and this helped him score high up on his aptitude tests which allowed him to become a sniper – an occupation he was most interested in pursuing. Lambert served for two tours and appreciated the structure, kinship, and even the sense of adventure that being a soldier provided. Lambert was infinitely gifted in his weapons training, marksmanship, and the skills required to stalk and track. It was easy for him once he was finished serving in the military to become a Private Military Contractor before ultimately landing his Director of Security job through the Hammond Foundation and the Jurassic World project. Lamber exuberates professionalism and his desire to protect both the guests and the dinosaurs that are in the park. Lambert is a no-nonsense individual that is completely focused on his duties in terms of his level of commitment and dedication and is a valued asset in charge of the security division.