Gene Splicing (C/N)

Recombinant DNA molecules are DNA sequences that are the result of laboratory methods (e.g., molecular cloning) in order to bring genetic materials together from multiple sources to create a sequence that would otherwise not be found in biological organisms. Recombinant DNA is possible because DNA molecules from all organisms share the same chemical structure, differing only in the sequence of nucleotides within an individual’s overall structure. Consequently, DNA from a foreign source can be linked to a host can drive DNA replication and then introduced to a host, causing the foreign DNA to be replicated along with the host’s original DNA.

Gene splicing is the primary means by which InGen recreated its dinosaurs for Jurassic Park. By combining DNA obtained from multiple fossil specimens and supplementing it with that of related modern species, InGen was able to recreate numerous fossil species. However, this splicing of different genetic materials caused several species to exhibit traits which were not expected by InGen, like some Velociraptors (namely Clarence) exhibiting chameleon-like color-changing abilities and those which had been supplemented with RANA (frog) DNA being capable of changing their gender and allowing them to breed in the otherwise all-female environment of Jurassic Park.