Gas-powered Stove (C/N)

The kitchen stove, now a key appliance in any home, came into use much earlier than commonly thought; the earliest known stoves burned wood and dated to the Qin dynasty of China. However, the more common gas-powered stoves first appeared in England during the 1820s. The technology that made the gas-powered stove possible was presented at the 1851 World Fair in London, but did not come into common use until the 1880s. Nowadays, gas-powered stoves are a common sight, though the functions and capabilities vary with their make. For example, some stoves have pilot lights which serve as ignition sources, while others do not.

The kitchens on Isla Nublar were equipped with gas-powered stoves; Tim and Lex noted them as they entered the kitchen looking for food. Tim supposed that the stoves were still working because they ran on gas, not electricity, and explained the presence of pilot lights to Lex when she asked about them.