Gas Grenades (C/N)

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Multiple gas grenades were found in an unmarked storage room on Isla Nublar. Alan Grant and Robert Muldoon discovered the grenades resting inside large glass boxes. Muldoon identified the grenades as containing an inhalation nerve gas known as MORO-12. Muldoon and Grant, accompanied by Ellie Sattler and Donald Gennaro, brought the grenades to the Velociraptor nest. Gennaro wanted to kill the raptors with the gas, but was voted down due to the convulsions the gas causes, which could ruin the nests and affect the data. Grant nearly released a grenade to save Ellie from a curious adult raptor, but did not, as Ellie was not wearing her gas mask. Despite several opportunities to use them, the gas grenades ended up not being used.