Frozen Embryos (C/N)

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Located in Jurassic Park’s fertilization laboratory, the frozen embryos were literally the “next generation” of InGen’s dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. They were kept inside a freezer in foil-wrapped glass tubes bathed in liquid-nitrogen smoke, and were arranged by species. Having been payed by Biosyn researcher Dr. Lewis Dodgson to steal examples of InGen’s dinosaur embryos, Dennis Nedry found them in a nitrogen cold box and proceeded to take two examples of all fifteen species from their containers, storing them in a specially-designed can of Gilette shaving cream.

The coolant gas inside the cryo-can would only be able to preserve the embryos for thirty-six hours, meaning Nedry had to rush to the island’s East Dock in order to successfully smuggle the cargo to the mainland. However, after finding himself lost in the jungle on the way to the dock, Nedry was attacked and killed by a DilophosaurusWhen Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro discovered his body later on, there was no sign of the shaving foam can, which Nedry had concealed in his bag, and, because of his failure to deliver the can to the mainland, the embryos inside would have expired within thirty-six hours.