My Jurassic Wish List for 2021

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My Jurassic Wish List for 2021

Post by TyrannosaurTJ » Sat Jan 02, 2021 11:39 am

I would love to see these items from Mattel and other official partners of the franchise in the future at some point:

Legacy Collection Nedry (re-release non-exclusive version)
Legacy Collection Lex and Tim
Legacy Collection Ray Arnold
Legacy Collection Donald Gennaro
Legacy Collection Gerry Harding
Legacy Collection Henry Wu (Jurassic Park version)
Legacy Collection Jeep Driver (pink shirt/khaki pants)
Legacy Collection Park Security (Blue BDUs, Cattle prod, tac vest?)
Legacy Collection Ford Explorer Tour Vehicle
Jurassic Park Accessory Pack (Shotguns, Cattle Prods, etc.)
From here it'd be a good idea then to make a transition to making TLW figures and maybe vehicles.
A Microceratus and Compsognathus Pack - Basically the stuff from the Destruct-A-Saurs sets that didn't have the wider release it should have.
Updated and more film-accurate Bull Tyrannosaurus sculpt and paint job along with an updated female for TLW specifically (Paving the way next year for a TLW theme or after JWD is released at least). One could also repaint it as the JP3 Male with brighter colors.
Triceratops with a bit more accurate scheme to the original animatronic from the first film before they tossed the dirt on it maybe?)
TLW Pteranodon/Geosternbergia version set
Plateosaurus figure?
Therizinosaurus figure?
Heterodontosaurus figure?
Amber Collection Grant
Amber Collection Claire
Amber Collection Ellie
Amber Collection Hammond
Amber Collection Ray Arnold
Amber Collection Muldoon
Amber Collection Pachycephalosaurus
Amber Collection TLW Raptor
Amber Collection Gallimimus
Amber Collection Troodon
Amber Collection JP3 Male Raptor
Amber Collection JP3 Female Raptor
Some kind of art book for each film as a volumized set that includes everything from concept art, creature designs, old/new storyboards. Basically, a franchise art book that is broken down into different volumes for each film.

Some kind of release for the DVD/Blurays that includes the deleted scenes for all the films, I know Spielberg is flatly against this but I think a lot of us want to see them. He has a movie purist argument that the theatrical cut is the director's cut.

More Expanded Universe like novels with tie-ins to the film series. So more fiction is preferably geared towards adult fiction readers, but Young Adult on the level of "The Evolution of Claire" I would accept as well since the novel was put together nicely.

A first-person, Jurassic Park survival game for the PC that is along the lines of Alien Isolation where you have to evade the dinosaurs more than fighting them. Would be cool if it turned out to be a Trespasser remake/update.

An open-world Jurassic Park/World game from the dinosaur's perspective like The Isle or Beasts of Bermuda that allows you to play as a dinosaur in almost like a sandbox environment where you have to hunt for food, drink from a viable water source if you're thirsty, and find a safe place to sleep as well as evading other dinosaurs (depending on your species and growth stage) and finding shelter from inclement weather like monsoon downpours, hurricanes, or thunderstorms.

Anybody else got a wish list of items they would be interested in seeing themselves?
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