Fangs (L/M)

Fangs were a kind of unofficial currency used on Isla Sorna during the late 1990s. These discarded teeth were used in combat research to stimulate animals to exhibit their best survival traits, and were awarded for combat victories to park managers. Following the closure of Jurassic Park and its replacement with Jurassic World, these are no longer in use.

Sources and Uses

To obtain Fangs, park managers would oversee a session of animal combat, either a standard combat in the Isla Sorna Battle Arena or as part of a tournament. Fangs were also available in card packs, for purchase on the market, or as possible discoveries during DNA expeditions.

During battle, the park manager could use Fangs to stimulate their active animal to defend itself against an attack or perform a particularly powerful aggressive maneuver. Doing this repeatedly within the same battle would require increasingly large amounts of Fangs, even if used on different animals. During tournaments, the number of times this would work was limited: only three defensive moves and three special attacks could be used in each battle.

Behind the Scenes

2D artist Sean Arriola created concepts for several versions of this item. In the concept art, teeth, fossils, and scales can be seen. The tooth concept was eventually selected and made into the Fang currency that was used in Jurassic Park Builder.