Eric Kirby (S/F) / (S/F-S)

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Twelve-year old son of Paul and Amanda Kirby. Eric stayed with his mother when his parents split up since she wasn’t a safety nut like Paul and let him do dangerous stunts with his mother’s boyfriend, Ben Hildebrand. He opted to go to Isla Sorna to see some of the native animals. He and Ben had hired Enrique Cardoso, a shifty man who ran a parasailing operation called “Dino-Soar.” While they were parasailing over the island Enrique’s boat below, which was pulling them along as they flew, went through a fog bank. There were several thumps and jerks on the line, and when the boat came out again Enrique and his driver were gone. Worse, the out of control boat was speeding toward some rocks. Luckily, Ben unclipped them and they drifted into the jungles of the island. Ben was killed but Eric survived by hiding in an overturned water truck. Using desperately-gotten Tyrannosaur urine, he kept most of the other predators away. Before settling in the water truck, Eric made several attempts to get off the island especially by going to the coast.

Finding his way to the coast, Eric came face to face with a Tyrannosaurus rex.  Looking for a way to escape, the Rex was distracted by a Pteranodon hunting fish in the surf, as well as a larger sauropod, which had awakened as the predator gave chase leaving Eric alone.  Making his way into the jungle, he came across food in the form of bananas which a pair of sloth were also eating.  Eventually after the realization of the horror Eric was genuinely alone on the island he eventually fell asleep.

Waking up Eric had more dinosaur encounters.  First with a herd of Diplodocus, then with Ankylosaurus.  Working his way further into the island, he came across an abandoned complex.  After a few days of staying indoors, with food and a safe haven, Eric went outside and attracted the attention of a Velociraptor due to a candy wrapper left carelessly behind by him.  Being held by what he believed to be another Raptor, it was actually a young Iguanodon which was hiding.  Both dinosaurs eventually left and Eric returned to the Compound unharmed.

After a while, Eric had to leave the interior of the Compound as well when two Raptors entered the interior.  He survived the encounter, though be it barely.  Finding refuge in a bunker, Eric came to the conclusion that rescue might not come and he had to adapt in order to survive.  While leaving his temporary shelter to gather supplies, he turned to find that a Triceratops had leaned against the entry and started sleeping.  In search for other shelter, Eric encountered another Tyrannosaurus followed quickly by a small group of Velociraptor.  He barely escaped the predators by making his way into a tree.

Several more times, Eric encountered the Raptors.  After witnessing an attack by the predators on a herd of Iguanodon, Eric ran to a cave for shelter and eventually made it to shelter in a Safe House. Finding it mostly unfinished, he gathered what he could and went back to the Iguanodon, discovering that they were being kept in a valley by the Raptors. Tying a generator to a juvenile he had nicknamed Iggy, he attacked the Raptor pack head on using a combination of stun guns and gas grenades.

Succeeding in killing the Raptor leader, he noticed the sickle-claw had broken off.  He took it and left the valley, his plan to save the herbivores having failed.  Heading back toward the Compound, he made a nearby water truck his home. Eight weeks later he was saved by Dr. Alan Grant. Rather, he saved Alan, using the last of his scavenged gas grenades to scare away a pack of Velociraptors. He was then reunited with his parents when he thought he heard his father’s phone, but Paul told him the phone had been in the possession of Nash when he was eaten by the Spinosaur. Sure enough the Spino, with a ringing belly, arrived. They all narrowly escaped. Later in the aviary he was grabbed by a huge Pteranodon, which attempted to feed him to its chirping hatchlings. Eric was rescued by Grant’s assistant Billy Brennan, nearly at the cost of Billy’s life. He survived the ordeal with both of his parents.  After another encounter with the Spinosaurus, the boat was destroyed and they trekked to the coast on foot.  Almost at freedom’s doorstep, the Velociraptor appeared once again and the alpha female demanded the stolen eggs be returned.  Amanda did such, and the Raptors left as the sounds of approaching helicopters were heard.  Upon lifting off, Billy noticed three Pteranodons which had escaped and were flying away from the island.

Eric Kirby was played by Trevor Morgan.