Elena Morales (C/N)

Local midwife of the fishing village of Bahía Anasco, located on the west coast of Costa Rica. She was described as being gray-haired, sixty years old and a strong, practical, no-nonsense individual. When asked by Dr. Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Carter about the meaning of the word “raptor”, Morales described the term as a hupia, referring to a taker of children in the night or a kidnapper. She also mentioned that it was unwise to speak of this term among the labouring women she was attending to, not willing to discuss it further. Later, during a midnight storm power outage whilst attending to the mothers, and after hearing chirping noises, Morales checked on the newborn babies in the other room. To her horror, she saw three dark green lizards, likely Procompsognathus, eating a newborn out of its bassinet and despite chasing them away, she knew it was too late. As a result of her actions, Morales was anxious that she might be found at fault for leaving the baby unattended and hence chose not to report the lizard attack, instead reporting that the baby had died due to SIDS.