Edgar Prather (CB-Topps)

One of John Hammond’s men, Edgar leads an assault on a major BioSyn plant. Later, he reports to Hammond about the status of Drs Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm, and Robert Muldoon. When John hires a crew to investigate the strange occurrences on Isla Nublar, Edgar is part of the team along with Alan, Ellie and Robert. He immediately clashes with the others, and his lack of knowledge of dinosaurs results in humiliation for him. Eventually, his group encounters Sonya Durant and Raul Lopez, a guide and a palaeontologist working for BioSyn. Though an argument breaks out, an attack by Cearadactyls puts any arguments on hold; although Edgar doesn’t want Sonya and Raul to be carrying weapons, Alan and Ellie pass their weapons to the pair. Then, the army appears; by the time they are also dealt with, the two teams temporarily merge. After being attacked by the Tyrannosaurus of the Park again, Edgar attends to a wounded Sonya’s wounds; later, he kisses her whilst they are talking, which she at first tries to resist, but eventually gives in to. The group sail across a river in two boats, and are attacked again by the Rex; afterwards, they discover the army base, and Edgar and Sonya go ahead to sneak in. Edgar grapples over the fence, knocks out a guard and takes his uniform, before helping Sonya up. He rescues the others, who have been captured, but mercy-kills Raul (apparently), stating that he was in bad shape and would have slowed them down. He covers the others as they escape. When the group are split up by another Rex-attack, Edgar asks Sonya what the secret of the “Green Flame” is – when she refuses to answer, he knocks her over a cliff and leaves her hanging there until she talks. When she does, he drops her anyway. The remaining four regroup, and Edgar explains that Sonya tripped and he couldn’t save her. He is, however, able to drive the rest back to the cave they arrived at in their stolen jeep, and they return to John on his boat.