East Dock – Isla Nublar (C/N)

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On Isla Nublar, there were at least two docks for supplies and cargo to arrive, the North Dock and the East Dock. The East Dock was a small utility dock that could be used for small boats exiting or entering the island. However, even though it was described as a utility dock, the cargo ship, Anne B was apparently moored at the East Dock. John Arnold explained to John Hammond that the pier was not well protected, since Hammond had not wanted to erect a storm barrier to protect the dock. Escaped Velociraptors had apparently spread out to this dock as well, as they managed to gain access aboard the ship at some point. As Dennis Nedry was going over the plan with Lewis Dodgson, he emphasized that the boat where he was to deposit the embryos be waiting at this dock on Friday night. The dock was apparently close to the Visitors’ Center as Nedry believed that he could deliver the embryos and be back in less then ten minutes.

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