EarthWatch Communications (S/F)

EarthWatch Communications was a software venture firm founded by Paul Douglas in 1989 who specialized in 3-D visualizations of weather systems. Their headline software was installed on at least one Irix terminal in Jurassic Park’s Control Room on Isla Nublar. It was used by Robert Muldoon to track the tropical storm heading for the island in 1993.

Technical Notes

The software is divided up into 3 panels, the 3D view, the Top-down view and Status Bar. Information provided in the Status Bar includes:

  • Out of the Window View
  • Horizontal Direction
  • Vertical Direction
  • Sectors (To control the Top-down view)
  • Display Parameters
  • Altitude
  • Side View
  • Data Parameters
  • Top View Scale

Production Notes

EarthWatch was functional software provided to the filmmakers by the company of the same name. It was popularly used in the early 90s by many Television companies across more than 20 countries.