Donald Gennaro (CB-Topps)

A lawyer who is invited, twice, to visit Jurassic Park. He constantly seems unimpressed with what he is seeing, both during the production of the Park and while accompanying Drs. Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm on their tour. He notes on numerous occasions how the impressions of those seeing the Park (both the doctors and himself) affect the fate of Jurassic Park. Ultimately, when the fences are de-powered and the Tyrannosaurus rex escapes, Gennaro abandons John Hammond’s grandchildren, Tim and Alexis, and cowers in a nearby toilet facility. Eventually, the Rex proceeds to eat him after it shatters the facility; ironically, Gennaro had watched this dinosaur being born on his prior visit, and was unimpressed, evoking Hammond to tell him that “someday, this little fellow might surprise you!”