Department of Fish and Game (Idaho) (C/N)

In the USA, each state has a government-run Department of Fish and Game in an American state deals with the prevention of over-fishing and hunting in public grounds, as well as the distribution of fishing/hunting licenses and permits. The Department of Fish and Game in the State of Idaho was founded in 1899.

Some time before the Isla Nublar Incident, the Department of Fish and Game in Idaho commissioned a team of scientists from Biosyn to genetically engineer a subspecies of trout. This was in response to complaints from inhabitants of the state that there were too few trout to be found in streams, and as a result, the Department requested that Biosyn’s creation be pale in coloration for easy spotting. Although it was supposed to serve as an innovation in angling, there were several new problems found in specimens of Biosyn’s trout-the flesh was described as “soggy and tasteless”, and the fish frequently died of sunburn. The company was still working on rectifying these issues by the time of Dr. Lewis Dodgson’s proposition to attempt to obtain examples of InGen’s cloned dinosaurs.

Sources: Idaho Fish and Game, Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton, page 67 (Fifth reprint)