Defense Wounds (C/N)

Defense wounds is an injury received by the victim of an attack while trying to defend against the assailant. Defensive wounds are often found on the hands and forearms, where the victim has raised them to protect the head and face or to fend off an attack, but may also be present on the feet and legs where a victim attempts defense while lying down and kicking out. The appearance and nature of the wound varies with the attacker and the location of the injury, and may present as a laceration, abrasion, bruise or bone fracture.

A construction worker was mauled and severely injured be a “raptor” while working on the Jurassic Park resort project on Isla Nublar. He was sent to Dr. Roberta Carter’s clinic in Bahía Anasco via a MEDEVAC with Ed Regis following the incident and died while in her care. Regis said the man was run over by a backhoe, but careful analysis by Carter led her to believe that the wounds originated from an animal attack of some sort due to the nature of the wounds and sticky substance consistent with each injury location. She was further convinced because there was no presence of crush injury typical of construction accidents.