Costa Rican Police (CB-Topps)

The police showed up to the site of Paco‘s farm after the deaths of Paco and Juana. They covered the body with sheets They were equipped with rifles and had driven to the scene of the crime in a jeep. There were at least three or four policemen who investigated the bodies. Later while patrolling the town, several of the police were attacked by Dilophosaurs.

The Police Captain was in charge of the town’s police force, and seemed skeptical that theScreen Shot 2013-11-12 at 8.25.01 AM attacks had been caused by a supernatural being. He attempted to console a despondent Aguilar,then admonished him not to interfere in the police investigation. His real name is revealed to be Jorge, and that he has known Aguilar all his life. They recently had a falling out over Catana, the mutal object of their affections. However, when the Dilophosaurs attacked, he quickly assisted Aguilar in helping to exterminate them. Assigning several police to a house to protect the citizens, he assisted Aguilar in driving the dinosaurs to the edge of a cliff where they were able to kill them. The Police Captain owned a lighter, and is seen smoking.