Computer Backdoors (C/N)

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A backdoor in a computer system is a covert method of bypassing a computer’s security measures to gain access into a computer illegally. A backdoor can be created multiple ways, either through installed software programs, rootkits or coding. The purpose of most backdoors is to secure sensitive information on the computer remotely without the consent or attention of the owner.

While working as lead programmer for Jurassic Park, Dennis Nedry programmed a command disguised as “whte_rbt.obj” into the coding of the system. This enabled Nedry–after using a a set of commands to access the “command level” of the computer, the highest level of access–to shut down security and perimeter systems throughout all of Jurassic Park. Nedry used his newly found power to enter restricted sections of the compound. Nedry proceeded to steal InGen embryos from the labs and drive a stolen park jeep into the tour portion of the island in an attempt to meet up with the departing cargo ship where an employee from rival BioSyn was waiting to take possession. The backdoor was later found by Chief Engineer John Arnold and Chief Geneticist Dr. Henry Wu during an attempt to see what Nedry had done to shut down key functions of the park.