Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirty-Five: Technical Difficulties:

Episode 8: Technical Difficulties


The first appearance of BRAD X

The episode opens as the campers begin to converge on the facility, trying to decide how to get in. Inside, Kash continues to work on his computer as he updates the computer chip. Darius overhears Kash talking about the potential arrival of investors in under a week. Darius runs for the elevator, as the others wait for him to arrive. Darius attempts to meet back up with the others, but is interrupted by the appearance of a new and upgraded BRAD model, called BRAD -X.

Darius claims to have been bored and wanting to move around, Kash agrees, but insists on having BRAD-X follow him around. He demonstrates that BRAD-X is indestructible by destroying a golf club. Defeated, Darius heads back into the facility, as he sends a secret signal to the group waiting in the bushes. Back in the facility, Darius is greeted by more BRAD-X models, as he attempts to bargain to see if Kash needs any help.

Kash sends him to clean up the Jungle, and subtly threatens him if he goes off on his own. As the others regroup, they inform Dr. Turner of what happened, and are unsure of what to do. They float the idea of potentially hacking the robot, with the idea of having Brooklynn hack the robot due to her prior technical experience. The children attempt to distract a BRAD-X in the jungle biome, their trap succeeding in knocking it over only temporarily.

The Campers stumble across a BRAD factory

The campers follow the BRAD X to a facility where they see the BRAD X transporting destroyed BRAD parts. They realize that this is a BRAD-X making workshop. Meanwhile, Darius begins to pick up broken BRAD parts in the jungle as he accidently unleashes a tranquilizer and tries to run. However, the BRAD X grabs him, and only lets him go after it scans the area to confirm his story about the gas leak is true.

As the others investigate the BRAD-X facility, Yaz and Ben volunteer to keep watch outside while Sammy and Brooklynn attempt to hack the robot, but fail to do so. After a few failed attempts, Brooklynn only succeeds in overloading the BRAD-X, causing it to go haywire.  Ben returns to them to inform them of Kash’s demands. Brooklynn begins to be defeated because of her initial setbacks, as the group comfort and reassure her. They decide to try to reprogram the regular BRAD robot.

The Spinosaur finds Darius

Darius returns to Kash, as he then orders him to inject a control chip into a dino, threatening him if he refuses. He orders him to inject the Spinosaurs, ordering BRAD-X to chip the dino or else. Darius travels to the desert biome, as he finds the spinosaurs. The Spinosaurus wakes up, as Darius hides.  The Spinosaurus finds him, chasing after him, causing both the Spinosaurus and the BRAD-X to chase after him.

The campers manage to pin down the regular BRAD, attempting to hack it. Meanwhile, Darius is cornered by the Spino and the BRAD X in the canyon. He manages to antagonize the BRAD X into attacking the Spino, and causes the Spino to attack the BRAD-X. As it rushes towards him, Darius manages to get an old BRAD robot, and toss its Tranquilizer pill at him, knocking it out. Awakening, he is approached by the BRAD-X, who hands him the chipping device, as he reluctantly starts to chip the dino, before the BRAD stops him, informing him that Brooklynn has hacked the robot.

Kash grows frustrated the chip doesnt work

She tells him to destroy the chip and that she will lie to Kash for them, as Darius lets her know about Kash’s real plans. As they celebrate, Kenji awkwardly flirts with Brooklynn. Darius returns to Kash pretending to have accomplished his goal. Kash attempts to activate the chip but it doesn’t work. Asking BRAD-X what happened, he is answered with Brooklynn’s hacking, and seems to reluctantly accept it for a simple mistake. He then assumes that this means he must implant chips in juveniles.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric animals: