Bumpy (S/F)

Able to give Baby Yoda a run for its money for sure.

Bumpy is a named Ankylosaurus that inhabited Isla Nublar shortly before, during, and after the 2015 Incident that involved the escape of the Indominus Rex from her paddock. Bumpy can be best described as a too perfect for this world cinnamon roll in dinosaur form and is major adorbs. She successfully bonded with the Camp Cretaceous campers and accompanies them on their journey through Jurassic World as they try to escape it.

Bumpy gets her name from the asymmetrical spikes on her head, one is larger than the other. Due to this, she was regarded as a defective birth by Henry Wu. Bumpy, like most of the InGen creations, has accelerated growth and immediately bonds with Ben who she imprinted upon when she first hatched in the Lab Facility. The campers were reluctant to take Bumpy with them due to the fact they considered her to be slow, but the campers eventually look past this and accept Bumpy into their group. In exchange, Bumpy helps alert the campers to the many dangers that are present on Isla Nublar. Bumpy later splits off from the campers after the campers jump from the monorail train due to it heading away from the docks. She isn’t seen again until she is shown to be meeting up with an unconscious Ben who fell from the monorail track before the others due him losing his grip with Darius while fighting off a group Pteranodons after heroically trying to stop the monorail from crashing into a damaged monorail train stopped on the track.

Yes, you must Cuddle teh Bumps! We must love teh Bumpy!