Bumpy (S/F)

Able to give Baby Yoda a run for its money for sure.

Bumpy is a named Ankylosaurus that inhabited Isla Nublar shortly before, during, and after the 2015 Incident that involved the escape of the Indominus Rex from her paddock. Bumpy can be best described as a too perfect for this world cinnamon roll in dinosaur form and is major adorbs. She successfully bonded with the Camp Cretaceous campers and accompanies them on their journey through Jurassic World as they try to escape it.

Bumpy gets her name from the asymmetrical spikes on her head, one is larger than the other. Due to this, she was regarded as a defective birth by Henry Wu. Bumpy, like most of the InGen creations, has accelerated growth and immediately bonds with Ben who she imprinted upon when she first hatched in the Lab Facility. The campers were reluctant to take Bumpy with them due to the fact they considered her to be slow, but the campers eventually look past this and accept Bumpy into their group. In exchange, Bumpy helps alert the campers to the many dangers that are present on Isla Nublar. Bumpy later splits off from the campers after the campers jump from the monorail train due to it heading away from the docks. She isn’t seen again until she is shown to be meeting up with an unconscious Ben who fell from the monorail track before the others due him losing his grip with Darius while fighting off a group Pteranodons after heroically trying to stop the monorail from crashing into a damaged monorail train stopped on the track.

Yes, you must Cuddle teh Bumps! We must love teh Bumpy!

Ben is awoken by Bumpy licking his face, as he is still very injured from his fall. Embracing Bumpy, he takes stock of his situation, realizing that he is alone for the moment, after calling out without an answer. Bumpy would defend Ben from an attack by a group of Compys, proceeding to follow the human around while he sought shelter.

Bumpy follows Ben until he accidentally comes across the Carnotaurus, Toro. Bumpy manages to push him out of the way, as the two flee. They are pursued by the Carnotaur until they manage to lose it by hiding behind a rock face. As the days wear on, Bumpy would guide Ben to a bush of edible berries, and lead him to a stream of potable water, inadvertently helping him to survive.

Eventually Ben works up the courage to try and tell Bumpy to give him space, accidentally ruining his shelter in the process. Standing up for himself, he causes Bumpy to run away crying. Bumpy would remain missing for a few weeks, slowly growing larger. Eventually, a fully grown Bumpy charges through the trees, just in time, managing to knock the Carnotaurus, Toro over, saving Ben’s life. Ben and Bumpy jointly managed to scare Toro away, causing it to back up to the point where it falls down a cliff, screaming in pain as it lands. The pair would go down the path together, until they see smoke, finding the hunters.

Ben and Bumpy would manage to meet back up with Kenji and Brooklyn, as they startle Hap into submission with their sudden appearance. The group moves towards a garage, and Bumpy gives a warning growl, indicating the presence of predators nearby as they all move into the safety of the building. Trapped, the humans decide to make a distraction, they open the garage, just as the Baryonyx charge the door, Brooklynn and Kenji ride the motorbike, with Hap in the sidecar, while Ben escapes with Bumpy, riding on top of him.. The garage explodes, stunning the Baryonyx, so that the group can get away.

Ben veers off road while riding attempting to distract them, which ultimately proves unsuccessful. Ben and Bumpy reconnect with the other remaining campers, and the group moves into the Maintenance Tunnels. Initially, Ben attempts to utilize Bumpy to break down a locked door, before they decided to head down another corridor where they find a control room.

Ben and Bumpy break into a garage, as they go to help Yasmina take a car, and they go from there to the watering hole. Bumpy would travel with the others to the watering hole, managing to disrupt the herd. The victory is short lived, as the Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks the herd, causing a stampede. The Rex pursues the campers, attempting to attack Bumpy, and by extension Sammy, Ben, and Yasmina, who are riding on top. They manage to evade the animal for the moment by winding their way though the herd. Eventually Bumpy and Ben would manage to catch up to Darius at the Docks.

Several months later, Bumpy would watch from the shoreline as the children attempted to escape the Island on a makeshift raft. When this failed, he would happily reunite with Ben, before the group would decide to go onto Lookout Point. While they waited for the others, Bumpy assisted in fighting off a Dimorphodon that was attacking the children. Later, Bumpy would go with the children while they found the abandoned Yacht.

After the campers decide to travel to the Northwest dock, Ben and Bumpy would meet them at the dock while they fixed the boat. Meanwhile, Yaz begins to get closer to Bumpy by keeping snacks in her pocket, encouraging Sammy to try harder to win her friendship. Bumpy walks with the group as they search the cargo area of the docks, eventually having to defend Sammy from a pair of attacking Ouranosaurus.

As the campers then decide to gather supplies at Kenji’s Penthouse, Bumpy goes with them, but stays outside due to not being able to fit inside the building.  As Bumpy sleeps outside, Nine Monolophosaurs stalk the outside of the building. One of them manages to break into a grate, and they proceed to enter the building, Bumpy being too large to follow them. However, when the dinosaurs chase the children outside, Bumpy is present to knock the carnivores to the side, allowing the kids to escape.

Bumpy would remain at the docks while the children went on their errands, returning to Camp Cretaceous with Ben later in the day. Ben introduces Bumpy to a new herd of Ankylosaurs, attempting to get him naturalized with more of her kind. Later, Bumpy would return to camp briefly but get frightened off by the storm and run away.

Bumpy would later be reunited with Darius and Ben as the pair go searching for her. The children lead Bumpy back to the Ankylosaurus herd, where she receives a warm welcome. Just as Darius is about to leave, the Scorpios attacks the Ankylosaur herd, but the Ankylosaurs mobilize in formation to protect Bumpy. Scorpios circles the herd looking for an opening, even as Darius prevents Ben from running to Bumpy’s defense. Scorpios finally gives up and stalks away.

A few days later, Ben comes in with a herd of Ankylosaurs while riding Bumpy as a distraction to foil Hawkes plans to recover the laptop. Afterwards, the children wish Bumpy goodbye as they leave the island in the yacht.